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Steam VR, Oculus Showing Steady Growth in Adoption

1 in 50 Users Owns a VR Headset

The latest Steam Hardware Survey shows steady growth for Steam VR — 1 in 50 users now own a VR headset. On another front, Oculus has also been doing pretty well as it looks forward to the future of VR in 2021.

Steam VR, Oculus Showing Steady Growth in Adoption

UploadVR reported on the Steam Hardware survey for January 2021. It shows that VR usage has grown 0.43% as compared to the previous survey, making for a total of 2.13% users on Steam owning a VR headset. That's pretty much 1 out of every 50 gamers on the digital distribution platform. UploadVR also notes that most VR manufacturers don't release numbers on how many headsets they've sold, so the Steam Hardware survey is the best indicator of the market's overall health that we have.

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1 in 50 users having a VR headset isn't a phenomenal number, but it certainly isn't anything to ignore, either. It's especially surprising considering the hardware shortages for entertainment tech throughout 2020. Unsurprisingly, while the most popular headsets have largely been the cheapest, the pricey Valve Index currently holds third place among the platform's VR users.

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Top 10 VR Headsets on Steam

Oculus Rift S – 23.36% (-2.56%)

Oculus Quest – 17.40% (+15.48%)

Valve Index HMD – 15.83% (-0.29%)

HTC Vive – 14.06% (-2.28%)

Oculus Rift – 7.97% (-1.35%)

Oculus Quest 7.67% (-8.82%)

Windows Mixed Reality – 6.38% (+0.15%)

HTC Vive Pro – 2.30% (-0.18%)

HTC Vive Cosmos – 1.12% (-0.06%)

HTC Vive Elite – 1.05% (+0.14%)

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As Steam VR Usage Grows, Oculus' Standalone Headset is 'Swamped' by New Games

The growing success of Steam VR is certainly welcome news for enthusiasts, but it isn't the only good news that was revealed today — Oculus, too, has had some pretty great growth.

More than 35 titles on the Oculus Quest platform have generated revenue in exccess of $1 million as of September 2020. Slightly less than half have exceeded that number, with three titles making more than $5 million, four titles making more than $3 million, and 11 titles making more than $2 million.

Ready : https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/steam-vr-oculus-showing-steady-growth-in-adoption

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